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2G Homes is one of Sacramento’s premier real estate investment and development companies. 

Michael Gordon and Anne Gambino, 2G Homes’ principals, have over 50 years combined experience in the real estate, construction and finance industries.Africa 2013 244

In the past 3 years alone, they have purchased, rehabbed and sold almost 50 investment properties. Currently, we are managing 5 development projects, 2 in East Sacramento, and 3 in midtown/downtown Sacramento.  These midtown/downtown projects include 2 duplexes and a single-family home, all three of which we will rehab, split the lot and build new units on the alleys.  We also have 2 completed projects.  The first is a single-family home in Arden Park which we completed upgraded, and added a master suite and family room.  This home is slated to close in mid-April.  The second is a completely renovated Victorian duplex that will be rented while the lot split is finalized.  Once the lot split is completed, the duplex will be sold and two new single family homes will be built on the alley.

As members of a national network of professional real estate investors, we are able to make use of unparalleled purchase and rehab systems which allow us to purchase wisely, and complete every project within budget and a projected timeline.


Our mission is to revitalize and improve neighborhoods. Call us today and let’s see how we can work together!

We not only purchase properties but we also sell our homes directly to buyers, many of which are completely renovated and in mint move-in condition. Whether you are dreaming of becoming a first time homebuyer or looking to upgrade your current home, we can help.  If we don’t have a home to sell directly to you, we can connect you with a licensed agent who can help you find your dream home!



2gHomes is committed to helping each individual customer. We are driven to be responsive, to act with integrity, to deliver quality and to make sure our customers’ experience is hassle-free.

Call us today at 916-899-3151

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